The Current Situation: Common Problems With Marketing

Unless you are one of the tiny minority of businesses that creates incredible word of mouth recommendations without any effort, you have to market your business.

If you want to be successful, there is no choice.

But do you find that your marketing is:

  • Very time consuming?
  • Expensive and still everyone wants you to spend more money?
  • Unproductive? It doesn’t produce the results you want and need.

This is certainly the experience of many small business owners before they learn how to master marketing.

Until you understand marketing, it is a frustrating activity which drains away time and resources from your business although occasionally you will strike lucky and attract new customers.

It doesn’t have to be like this if you fix the core marketing issues.

The Underlying Marketing Problems

The cause of these marketing frustrations are usually in one or more of:

  • Your marketing mindset – if you don’t understand what marketing really is or what intentional marketing can do for you with the right mindset, customer focus and commitment, you will find marketing particularly difficult and daunting.
  • Your target market – if you send your marketing messages to the wrong person at the wrong place, you won’t succeed. Even if your message is beautifully crafted and presented, it is a waste of money and effort if the person has no interest, want or need to buy what you are selling.
  • Your marketing message – your marketing should educate and sell. It must be interesting and relevant.
    On this webpage, my intention is to educate you on what causes your lack of success in marketing so that you can see marketing coaching as both the logical solution but also that the next step of picking up the telephone and calling me on 966 50 211 2608 feels like the right thing to do.
  • The marketing media you use – how your marketing message reaches your target customers.

    For example, you may have an excellent website, beautifully designed and with expert copywriting but if there is no traffic, the investment is wasted.


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