Basic Seven Step Guerrilla Marketing Plan

Umm Adam, is not a certified Guerrilla Marketing coach, but she has implimented these basics steps in her coaching.

The Guerrilla Marketing Plan is a short, precise marketing plan for your business, your products and for individual campaigns.

Step 1 – What outcome do you want from your marketing?

The clearer you are on what you want to happen, the more focused will be your marketing communications and that must help getting that initial action from a prospective.

Step 2 – What are the main benefits of your product or service?

You’ve heard it before – features tell, benefits sell! Features are information, benefits are inspiration.

Step 3 – Who is your target market?

Be clear on who it is that you are marketing to and make sure that you use an appropriate channel.

Step 4 – What is your market positioning?

To find a niche in business is to find a market that needs something you want to be able to provide.

Step 5 – Which Guerrilla Marketing weapons will you use?

The idea is not that you use them all but the list is a powerful technique for helping you to review the weapons that you do use and analysing whether you get the best impact from them and for identifying new weapons to try out.

Step 6 – What is your identity and how will you explain it?
Note an identity is real and reassuring to prospects, an image is fake.

Step 7 –  What is your budget?
Makes sure that the money spent is spent effectively through testing and continual improvement or abandonment (sometimes you discover that particular weapons are just unsuitable).


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