Core Principles of Duct Tape Marketing

Umm Adam, is not a certified Duct Tape Marketing coach, but she has implimented these core principles in her coaching.

1) Strategy before tactics

Determine a marketing strategy and then build your marketing activities around delivering on the strategy.

2) Narrow market focus

Stop trying to be all things to a very large market. Concentrate your marketing efforts on a small, niche market and become the dominate player.

3) Differentiate or compete on price

Find and communicate a hook that allows your prospects to easily see how your firm is different from everyone else in the industry and price comparisons go out the door.

4) Marketing materials should educate

No one likes to be sold to. Create brochures, websites and other forms of communications that allow your prospects to really experience your expertise.

5) Advertising is a 2-step process

Let your prospects get to know you through advertising that invites them in for a gift, free analysis, and useful information. Get permission and then sell.

6) Embrace technology and the Internet

The Internet provides your small business with a powerful way to automatically find, connect and server your clients and prospects.

7) Live by a marketing calendar

The best way to move your marketing forward as you run your business is to create a calendar and schedule marketing activities every single day.


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