9 Ways to Build Your Network

You have probably heard the saying, “Your network equals your networth!”

Since I have been an entrepreneur and building my own business for more than 9 years now, I know this statement to be very true! Because of my strong relationships and different associations, I have been blessed and fortunate to enjoy financial independence.

This is all very good but what happens if you don’t have a large professional network? I didn’t always have this network in place and I had to start from somewhere. Below I will share with you 9 ways on how to build up your professional network and increase your NETWORTH!

1. Join the social networks online.

The first step for anyone today wanting to expand their network is to join social networks. Look to join social networks such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter and many others, they will provide you with different connections. Keep it professional.

2. Attend business gatherings
All industries have key groups and organizations where people of similar backgrounds gather, many are free or require minimal investments other than your time. Informational seminars and Network Marketing meetings are a start. When I was 20, I joined a Network Marketing company. It changed my life!

3. Get a personal business card
If you are or you plan on being a businessperson, you need business cards. This is very professional and remember you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.

4. Meet 5 new people

Don’t always associate with the same people. Every time you go to a professional or social event make sure you meet at least 5 new people. Hand out your business cards and get theirs.

5. You are a brand
Brand yourself to your network in order to build it further, the more people that know you, the more people will want to know you. Construct a message and be consistent. When you’re unique and have a mission, people buy into that.

6. Become an information sponge
Use a contact management tool to record e-mails, phone numbers, and everything else you can about the people you know.

7. Take control of your virtual presence

Make sure that when people look for you online, your image is both accurate and flattering. Again, remember, anything you are putting out there is branding YOU!

8. Get a qualified mentor
Look for someone who is where you want to be and seek his or her guidance on getting there. Mentors can not only get you on track to becoming successful in your chosen field, they can also introduce you to other people that may increase the value of your network as well.

9. Take a leadership role in your industry
Write a blog to cover your domain, and perhaps create an online community around your unique interests.

These 9 tips are just a start to attaining the strong network that you will need to become a well-rounded success. Always remember that your association plays a major part in your success in life, as a whole. You are who you hang around and you are who you listen to. Start building the right network today with the right people and I will see you at the TOP!

God Bless and Good Luck in your Endeavors,

Reco McDaniel

This article was written by Reco McDaniel. As a successful entrepreneur, Reco serves as president and CEO of two Atlanta-based marketing companies, C.O.D.E. R.E.D. Marketing (CRM) and Elite Profit Network (EPN). From coaching and consulting executives and sales teams on a monthly basis with CRM, to leading EPN in establishing strategic partnerships with hundreds of online distributors to deliver quality products and services, to providing solid home-based business opportunities nationwide, Reco is one of the greatest business minds of our time. For more information on Reco McDaniel, visit www.RecoMcDaniel.com.

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