How To Gain Self Confidence, Starting Today!



Reco McDaniel
Do you have self-confidence? Do you really believe that you can have success in your business and your life? Self Confidence is one of the main ingredients to success!

Many people are under the impression that everyone except themselves has self-confidence. They believe they are the unlucky ones, the doomed ones, so they sluggishly walk around day in and day out mesmerized with the thought that the happy and successful people were born with self-confidence.

Well, that simply is not the case. Did you know that rich and successful people were not born with self-confidence? They had to foster, develop and build on their self-confidence. And they kept practicing and building on that self-confidence until they gained unstoppable momentum to the point where they have become extremely confident.

They had to work daily, consistently, and persistently to plant the confidence seed, nurture it, and shape it in a particular area. High achievers, successful, and rich people had to learn the strategies to raising self-esteem, attaining courage, growing and nurturing self-confidence.

It is important for you to realize that, the same way that they had learned self-confidence, you too, can learn it; if you really want to. The great thing about that is you can do so in the same way as when you learned to drive a car, cook, play tennis, or make cold calls to your prospects.

You might have lacked self-confidence to start with, but with practice and repetition your self-confidence grew. Your first driving lesson might have been troublesome. Your second less troublesome, and as you progressed on to the fourth and fifth your self-confidence would be growing, gaining momentum lesson after lesson.

It’s the same with many aspects in life. Whenever you start something new, you will probably lack a certain amount of self-confidence. In time, that confidence will grow and you will have unstoppable confidence.

Many successful people were school drop-outs, shy, introverts, some totally withdrawn, yet they managed to step out of that limiting comfort zone and tackle what has held them back from success; they went for a stroll outside their comfort zone, one stride at a time, each stride building on the other, each stride of confidence building on the other. In due course, not only did they have all the self-confidence that they wanted, but they became much more confident. It became a part of their being.

Self-confidence boils down to how you think and feel about yourself. It is an emotional feeling that can drive your beliefs to allow you to do all that you want. Self-confidence lets you achieve your true potential and to accomplish all that you desire.

Remember, you can learn to have all the confidence you need the same way that others did. You can have unlimited, unstoppable self-confidence, and the simplest and quickest way to kick-start self-confidence is for you to accept the fact that self confidence is an acquired process and can be learned.

Below I will share some critical steps that will help you gain self-confidence starting today:

1. Get your behind out of your mind!
It is impossible to move into a more prosperous future, living in a past filled with failure! Stop focusing on what happened then, start planning now, and anticipate all of your success to come later!

2. Believe in yourself and your abilities!

If you don’t believe in YOU, then who will?  Start thinking about things you are good at, and imagine yourself being good at whatever you seek to have this new self-confidence in doing. If you believe you are the BEST long enough, even if you don’t become the best, you will get really close!

3. Adjust your associations.
Sometimes we hang around people that don’t believe in themselves which influence our thoughts and opinions of ourselves. If they don’t believe they can do something, they will try to persuade you that it is impossible as well. Always remember, you are who you hand around and you are who you listen to.

4. Make an effort to dive into personal growth and self-development material.
There are many books, blogs, audio CDs, DVD series, and websites catered towards helping you become a more confident you.

5. Dress nicely and Groom Yourself.
This seems to be obvious for many people, but some are absent from this thought increasing your chances for more self-confidence. Dressing nicely and grooming yourself improve self-image, which in turn, improve self-confidence. You don’t have to run out and buy a $1000 suit, but nice casual dress clothes and a clean shave or hair do if you’re a lady, could make you feel better about yourself and where you’re going.

6. Develop faith of a higher source.
I’m not here to give a religious sermon, but this is where God helps me out tremendously with belief and confidence in myself. You need to have faith and belief in something or someone bigger and better than you that is on your side helping you fight along the way to your journey towards success!

7. Give it a shot!
Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” This makes so much sense! If you want something and you don’t try to achieve it, it is 100% guaranteed that you would not obtain that desire. If you try and fail, the reality is, you can always try again. The best part about failure; you learn how to do it better the next time!

These are a few steps to surely help you initiate the process to gaining the self-confidence you need to start taking control of your life TODAY! Start claiming that you are Self–Confident and watch your actions expedite towards a better life and a better you!

God Bless and Good Luck in Your Endeavors!

Reco McDaniel

This article was written by Reco McDaniel. As a successful entrepreneur, Reco serves as president and CEO of two Atlanta-based marketing companies, C.O.D.E. R.E.D. Marketing (CRM) and Elite Profit Network (EPN). From coaching and consulting executives and sales teams on a monthly basis with CRM, to leading EPN in establishing strategic partnerships with hundreds of online distributors to deliver quality products and services, to providing solid home-based business opportunities nationwide, Reco is one of the greatest business minds of our time. For more information on Reco McDaniel, visit

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