Stress – Embracing and Conquering it!

When one looks up the definition of stress in the dictionary, it tells us:


1. importance or significance attached to a thing; emphasis
2. physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension

So ultimately, stress is a mental illusion, an interpretation and a perception. What is stressful to one person may be enjoyable to another. Heights might be stressful for one person, while free-falling out of an airplane is exhilarating for another. Public speaking might completely frightening to one person, but be the most empowering activity possible for another. Losing $100,000 in the stock market might be less stressful for one person than having a bad hair day is for another. Stress is a mental perception, chosen by the perceiver.

The level of importance that is placed on the thing is up for question.

Does it really matter?

Is it that important?

I will cover that later in this blog.

Stress is a part of life. Life requires stress. As a muscle needs resistance to grow stronger, so do we. Many times stress awakens our greater potential and makes us rise to the performance we were capable of all along, but we needed challenging.

As a muscle needs resistance to grow stronger, so do we.

Below I will give you 6 tips to Embrace Stress:

1. You shouldn’t MAJOR in MINORS.

Ask yourself: In 20 years, is what’s stressing me out right now, really matter? Will I even remember this? If not, it is minor and adjust your attitude and move forward. Do you remember what you were stressed out about on October 26, 1988? That’s my point exactly!

2. Life storms come and go.

There will be ups and downs in life; some call them seasons. In the mind of those who understand this concept, Spring is enjoyable and happy. Winter is cold and harsh. Life is like the changing of the seasons. Spring follows winter. How regularly does this happen? EVERY year at the same time. Keep your mind on the spring that is coming as you move through the winter. And besides, you would never see the rainbow if there was no storm!

3. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Know this is the way of growth. The great trials of our lives awaken the greater potential inside of us. Welcome stress and difficulty, as they may be the alarm clock that awakens the greatness that lies sleeping inside. 95% of our country need to listen to this alarm clock.

4. It always could be worst!

Someone once told me, “A man once complained that he had no shoes, until he met the man that had no feet!” After he met the man with no feet, he realized that being barefooted wasn’t that bad after all. I remember feeling stressed and sorry for myself one time in the past when I initially became an entrepreneur. I turned on the TV and saw images of the way people lived and suffered in Bosnia. I felt pretty guilty about my pitiful “stresses.” Now every time I think I have it bad or am feeling stressed I say, “Well, at least I don’t live in Bosnia – so this isn’t so bad after all.”

5. Be thankful for what is happening good in your life.

So many times people only focus on what bad is happening in their life. This will keep you depressed! If you are having financial issues, focus on being thankful for your good health and love from your spouse and you can then think clearly enough to create a plan to help you get on off that bad situation. The more time you spend focusing on what you do have and what’s going good, the quicker you start to forget about the challenges your facing and you move closer to LIFE SUCCESS!

6. Get over yourself!

You are not the only one to experience stress, difficulty, frustration and pain. What happens to you happens to ALL of us. There is no conspiracy against you. We ALL experience hurt, disappointment, heartache, loss, failure, sadness, misfortune, setback, defeat, distress, despondency, despair… or whatever else is causing you stress.

Something I learned from Jim Rohn, one of the greatest philosophers of our time, goes like this, “It is not what happens to you that makes the difference in how your life works out. What happens to you happens to all of us. It’s how you respond to what happens to you that determines the major outcome of your life.”

Below I will give you 5 tips to Conquer Stress:

1. Break it down.
The problem for most people is they are worried about everything all at the same time. I break what I’m concerned about into time chunks. If I have an important presentation on Tuesday, I schedule time to begin thinking about it on Monday at noon. This way I don’t “stress” about it all weekend long.

2. Just say NO.
When I was in middle school, McGriff the Crime Dog was a big hit! A person in a giant dog custom would travel from school to school delivering a message to get kids to say no to drugs. I’ll never forget his saying: Just say, “NO!” Today we have more timesaving technologies to make our lives more convenient, yet we are the busiest (and most stressed-out) society in history! Studies show that life for families a hundred years ago was a lot less stressful; when we didn’t have 90 percent of the so-called conveniences we have today. Yes, today we get more stuff done and we collect more things in our garages, closets and attics, but we are not any happier. We are over-obligated and over-scheduled. Take back control of your life by learning to say “NO!”… or at least, “No thank you.” Then go take a walk around the neighborhood and eat you an ice cream – without your cell phone!

3. You can’t correct what you are not willing to confront.
Most everyone spends the majority of their time trying to avoid painful emotions. Here is the irony of that: What you try to avoid expands in its power. Or to put it another way, what you resist, persists.
Another great philosopher, Deepak Chopra said, “Whatever you avoid will come back. The more you avoid, the stronger it will return.”

4. End the love affair.

You love the pain of your emotions. How do we know? You keep creating them. You are a creative being. There is nothing in your life you have not created. You are the cause of every effect you are experiencing right now. Frightening, but true. You have either attracted the circumstances that have caused you pain or you have just decided to CALL them painful. Nothing is painful in and of itself. Pain is a result of your thoughts about it. What one calls painful another calls enjoyable. Pain results from a judgment you have made about something. Remove the judgment and the pain disappears. You could decide to have what you call painful to be joyful if you wanted, simply by deciding it to be. You could also stop attracting circumstances in your life that cause you pain, but you don’t. Why? Because you love the feeling!

5. Work it out!
You need to work it out. No, not meaning job, but exercise the stress out of you. There is a mind-body connection to your health! Just as a cut on your finger will aggravate your mental concentration, so will collecting mental battle wounds and pressures all day drag your body down. You store your mental stress in your body. The only way to get the stress out of your mind is to get it out of your body. Not only does exercise keep you looking good and also not dropping dead of coronary artery disease – but it also is the key to maintaining your energy, and to staying in psychological and mental balance.

Hopefully these tips will give you an opportunity to start embracing and conquering the stress you may encounter in your life! It is guaranteed you will encounter it, now it’s up to you how you handle it and WIN!

God Bless and Good Luck in your endeavors!

Reco McDaniel

This article was written by Reco McDaniel. As a successful entrepreneur, Reco serves as president and CEO of two Atlanta-based marketing companies, C.O.D.E. R.E.D. Marketing (CRM) and Elite Profit Network (EPN). From coaching and consulting executives and sales teams on a monthly basis with CRM, to leading EPN in establishing strategic partnerships with hundreds of online distributors to deliver quality products and services, to providing solid home-based business opportunities nationwide, Reco is one of the greatest business minds of our time. For more information on Reco McDaniel, visit

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