About Umm Adam

Umm Adam is the mother of 4 children for whom she is working hard to leave a legacy of wealth and financial freedom.

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Umm Adam  founder of Women’s Entrepreneurial Network Arabia, a  network that has reached a community of over 800 members on Facebook– is an entrepreneur, educator, and friend who wants to be seen & felt as a sincere help towards your entrepreneurial efforts and business growth. Her passion for understanding the community and developing solutions that appeal to a specific group is what drives her. She enjoys sharing knowledge, inspiring success and motivating entrepreneurs.

Umm Adam is a natural born leader  and motivator who believes every woman is powerful and has the ability to start a business, grow a business, succeed in business, and thrive. Umm Adam has always had a niche in life.  At a young age she wanted to be an attorney, but not just any kind,  she wanted to specialise in criminal law. Once she entered university she majored in psychology and minored in criminology, with a desire to be a Forensic Psychologist.  Today, her vision is to build a successful franchise and licensing company  that will concentrate on building the most effective, unique and fast-breaking niche franchise concepts.

Umm Adam is considered as the “innovator” of niche home-based and mobile businesses in Saudi Arabian which focuses on providing customers with a variety of treatments/services. The Expat Nichepreneur was born. She created the Get Fit Clinique business concept in 2010, Saudi Arabia’s Premier Personalized Bra Fitting Service. In 2011 she founded Cootie Catchers, Saudi Arabia’s Premier Head Lice Treatment and Removal Service.  She also helps small business owners and those looking to create a business to build niche businesses that fit their desired life goals through her niche business coaching.

Umm Adam’s niche business concepts were established to not only provide an innovative and customer focused business but also to give an opportunity for people who were looking to start their own business and who wanted to make a difference to peoples lives. However when making a decision about whether to invest in starting your own business it is important to research the needs and challenges of your target audience and establish there is a demand for a new product and then develop it. Which is why  Umm Adam helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals, find and capitalize on a niche market. Her commitment to working with you before, during and after the start of your business and working with you to make your business succeed is just one of the advantages you will benefit from when you invest in coaching with  Umm Adam

Umm Adam completed her B.A Degree in Psychology, at Chicago State University in Chicago Illinois. Prior to moving to Saudi Arabia, she was a career Social Worker in Chicago. She is also an employeepreneur, instructing in a  university in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is now in the prelaunch stage of several entrepreneurial projects.


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