Niche Business Coaching

Would You Like To Know How To Create Exciting Niche Business Opportunities?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions:
How do I start?  What do I know about that I could sell?  How do I use my experience?  What do I actually do first? Who can show me how to do this?

If you are willing to take the responsibility and make an investment in your own successful future, then working with a niche business coach may be the best strategy for you. We network, support, coach, and mastermind together. Whether it’s about communicating, negotiating, networking, being assertive or developing effective leadership, Umm Adam can help you with your business building and life skills.

The real value of your relationship with Umm Adam, is having someone who understands  what you’re going through on a moment-to-moment basis, who isn’t impressed by your title and will not be afraid to give you an outside perspective on your business – but who will respect you and treat you like an equal, which is refreshing because your whole day is filled with subordinates and vendors who think all they have to do to make you happy is agree with you. Sometimes, having an outside perspective on your business can give you the clarity you need to take your business to the next level.

Umm Adam can help you answer these questions: Who needs your service? What’s uniquely useful about that service? What makes your service better than your competition? She’ll also help you fine-tune your brand name, website, and marketing tactics to focus solely on selling your unique specialization and expertise. Most of all her coaching helps you:  Focus. Focus. Focus.

Umm Adam’s coaching is aimed at women solo and  homebased-based business owners who provide services as their primary source of revenue. Its purpose is to help you learn how to push your business forward by properly using niche marketing and targeting a profitable niche for your small or home business.

Women entrepreneurs  in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia are invited to work one-on-one with Umm Adam in her Niche Business Coaching Program. If you are considering a coach I am sure you will get more than your money’s worth with Umm Adam!

Our PromiseIt is our promise that we will provide you with the best information, knowledge and help possible. We will make every effort to offer clear instruction and helpful guidance and assistance.

In turn, we ask that you promise to give your best effort in following through with the instructions we give you. We, the Coaches, can not make you successful, only you can do that by taking action on the information we give you.

We do not promise, nor guarantee, any specific or stated income earnings by completing our coaching program. As such, results may vary.


2 Comments on “Niche Business Coaching”

  1. Fatmah Azam says:

    Assalamualaikum! How are you? Just learnt of your nichecoaching services- I would like to know more. I am a Jeddah-born expat married to a saudi and I have two beautiful kids. I am a freelance journalist, ESL instructor and a certified health specialist as well as a nutrition consultant. I’d love to work but I have too many family obligations and I believe kids come first for every concerned mother. She has to be there for her children every time. I’d like to start my home-based business that targets all the areas above. I am writing for publications already and I teach too. I will pour in more as we get to know more of each other, the problems I am currently facing. I’d love to have the coaching services- I need a direction.

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